Setup OZEKI SMPP SMS GATEWAY on Android mobilephone

With our Ozeki Bulk Messenger software you can send bulk SMS text messages through Ozeki Android SMPP SMS Gateway. This solution uses the Android mobilephone as a GSM modem. Below we will show you how to setup SMPP connection in the Ozeki Bulk SMS Messenger.

Step 1. - Install Android SMPP gateway on your smartphone

You need to download and install the OZEKI SMPP SMS GATEWAY Lite application. The following pictures will show you the steps.

Download, install and configure the application

Option 1: Visit Ozeki website: Download Android SMPP gateway from

Option 2: Scan the following QR code:

Start the application by clicking on its icon then "Start" button. You will see the followings on the top left-hand side of the screen: Host address, Port number, User name, Password (Figure 2). You need these parameters later.

Figure 2 - Ozeki Android SMPP SMS Gateway has been installed and launched succesfully

Step 2 - Configuration in Ozeki Bulk Messenger

On the 'Quick Start' page select 'Connections'.

click on connections
Figure 10 - Click on 'Connections'

If you click on the 'Create new connection' button then on the right-hand side you will see the 'Connection details' window. Select 'SMS' to create your SMS based connection.

create an sms connection
Figure 11 - Create an 'SMS' connection

As a next step, select the 'SMPP' sending method.

choose the smpp option
Figure 12 - Choose the 'SMPP' option

Type your hostname or IP address and the port number of the remote server. After that, enter the username and password for this SMPP connection.
These details are provided by OZEKI SMPP SMS GATEWAY Lite application. Click 'Ok' when finished.

smpp connection details
Figure 13 - SMPP connection details

You can see the green pipe if Ozeki Bulk Messenger successfully connected to the OZEKI SMPP SMS GATEWAY Lite application.

the bulk messenger software succesfully connected to the smartphone
Figure 14 - The Bulk Messenger software successfully connected to the smartphone

If the connection was successful, you can see the 'smppuser' at the OZEKI SMPP SMS GATEWAY Lite log.

successful connection
Figure 15 - Successful connection

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