How to copy an address book

Nowadays it is good to have a copy of nearly everything, so it is really important to backup contacts as well. The Ozeki Bulk Messenger software, besides it is an all in one solution, enables you to duplicate contact lists. In this short guide we will show you how to create contacts backup.

Step 1 - Create new address book

On the 'Quick Start' page please select 'Step 1 - Address books'.

creating a new address book
Figure 1 - Creating a new address book

Step 2 - Copy address books

Click on the 'Create new Address book' button and then select the 'Copy' type in the 'Address book details' window.

copying an address book
Figure 2 - Copying an address book

Step 3 - Provide address book details

In the 'Identification' section it is possible to provide a unique name for the address book copy.

In the 'Source' section below Identification please select the address book you would like to duplicate then click 'Ok'.

providing the name and source
Figure 3 - Providing the name and source

Step 4 - Manage contacts

Click on 'Contacts' in order to see more detailed information about the copied contacts.

managing contacts
Figure 4 - Managing contacts

Here you can manage the contacts of the copied address book.

You can modify the existing ones by clicking on the 'Details' button.

opening contact details
Figure 5 - Opening contact details

If you click on the 'Add contact information' button then you can select from different contact types.

adding contact information
Figure 6 - Adding contact information

Adding a new contact to the list is also possible by clicking on the 'Create new contact' button.

creating a new contact
Figure 7 - Creating a new contact

The 'Contact details' window will appear on the right. Here you can provide information about the new contact. If you are done then click 'Ok'.

new contact details
Figure 8 - Creating a new contact

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