Connect your Gmail account with Ozeki Bulk Messenger

Gmail is the most popular E-mail solution nowadays because it is free to register and easy to use. Ozeki Bulk Messenger makes it possible to send E-mails to your contact groups using Gmail. In the instructions below we will show you how to associate the Ozeki Bulk Messenger software with your Gmail account.

Step 1 - Allow less secure apps to use your gmail account

Please click on the link to proceed to your Gmail account login page:
Now select 'My account' after clicking on the little circle next to the bell in the top right corner.

configuring your gmail account
Figure 1 - Configuring your Gmail account

At the 'Sign-in & security' segement please select the 'Connected apps & sites' option.

my account page
Figure 2 - My Account page

Now switch from 'Allow less secure apps: OFF' to 'Allow less secure apps: ON' using the slider.

allowing less secure apps
Figure 3 - Allowing less secure apps

Now please return to Ozeki Bulk Messenger.

Step 2 - Create new connection

Open the 'Quick Start' page where you and select 'Step 3 - Setup a connection'.

creating a new connection
Figure 4 - Creating a new connection

Step 3 - Select connection details

When the new page appears click 'Create new Connection'. Then select 'E-mail'.

creating an e-mail type connection
Figure 5 - Creating an E-mail-type connection

Choose the 'Gmail' connection.

choosing gmail
Figure 6 - Choosing Gmail

Step 4 - General tab settings

On the 'General' tab you may provide the connection settings. Define different names for the connections to keep them organized.

Two important details are required in connection with your Gmail account.

  • 'Username:' The username of your Gmail account which is the part before
  • 'Password:' The password you use to log into your Gmail account.

general tab
Figure 7 - General tab

Step 5 - Advanced tab

You can log your E-mail on the 'Advanced' tab.

advanced tab
Figure 8 - Advanced tab

Step 6 - How to send an E-mail

Please select the 'Details' button to open the event log, modify the configuration or send a test E-mail.

opening the connection details page
Figure 9 - Opening the connection details page

Step 7 - Send a test E-mail

Click on the 'Test' button.

sending a test e-mail
Figure 10 - Sending a test E-mail

  • 'To:' Add the E-mail address you would like to send a message to.
  • 'Subject:' Write here something which refers to the message you are going to write in the blank area.
  • 'Message:' Type something into the blank area.
  • 'Attachments:' If you would like to attach a file to the E-mail, you can do it by clicking on the 'Click or Drag' buttonand selecting the file you would like to add or by moving the file to the corresponding area.
  • Finally press 'Send' to send your E-mail.

editing a test e-mail
Figure 11 - Editing a test E-mail

A pop-up window will appear showing whether the E-mail has been succesfully sent. You can check the logs on the 'Events' tab.

successful test
Figure 12 - Successful test!

Step 8 - Check in Gmail

Now it is time to check the result on the Gmail interface, thus we can be sure that the E-mail was received.

checking gmail
Figure 13 - Checking Gmail

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