Send Bulk SMS messages with Android Client

Ozeki Bulk Messenger software can send bulk SMS messages with an Android phone. In the following article you get more detailed information about sms system setup, installation and sms software download.

How does it work

ozeki bulk messenger
Figure 1 - Bulk SMS message with Android phone

How to install the Ozeki SMS Client on Android

The following video tutorial takes you through the steps of Installing the Android SMS Client software on your Android mobile. Note, that you will need to download the Android SMS app from After installation make sure you set the Ozeki app as the default SMS handler. (You may set the default SMS handler back to the original Android SMS client manually or by uninstalling the Ozeki SMS app). This will enable the app to run seamlessly in the background (Video 1).

Video 1 - Installing Ozeki SMS Client on Android

Installation steps

The first step of the installation is to open in your browser on your Android mobile (Figure 2). On this website navigate to the download page and find the link to the latest version of the hu.ozeki.smsclient_2.1-release.apk package.

Figure 2 - Open

The link to the download page can be found in the top menu just below the link to the Quick start guide (Figure 3). The link's color is red. To open the download page, simply click on this link.

open the download page
Figure 3 - Open the download page

On the download page find the android logo, and click on the package name that follows the logo (Figure 4). The package name will be similar to this: hu.ozeki.smsclient_2.1-release.apk. The version number might be different.

download ozeki sms client apk
Figure 4 - Download Ozeki SMS Client APK

Installation of the .apk package

Once the installation package (.apk file) has been downloaded, you need to install it. You can do this by locating the file in your download list and clicking on it (Figure 5). Some browsers will automatically offer installation. You might receive a warning message prompting you to allow installation from a different source. You can safely allow the installation.

open downloaded apk
Figure 5 - Open downloaded APK

After the installation starts, you will be prompted with a dialog asking for confirmation. Simply click install in this dialog. The installation will create an icon on your home screen that will allow you to launch the Ozeki SMS client app (Figure 6).

install ozeki sms client
Figure 6 - Install Ozeki SMS Client

You can also launch the Ozeki SMS client app by clicking on the Open button after the installation completes (Figure 7).

open application after installation
Figure 7 - Open application after installation

Set the Ozeki SMS Client app to become your default SMS handler

In order for the Ozeki SMS client app to operate seamlessly it must be set as the default SMS handler (Figure 8). This is a very important step. The Android OS puts apps that are not opened by the user regularly into sleep or deep sleep to save battery power. It also often removes the permissions granted to apps when they are put into deep sleep. By setting the Ozeki SMS client as your default SMS handler you can prevent it from being disabled by Android. This is required to be able to provide a reliable sms gateway service for your PC, that is able to operate for months and years without interruption.

set as default sms handler
Figure 8 - Set as default SMS handler

By setting the Ozeki SMS Client app as your default SMS handler, you instruct your android phone to forward all incoming sms messages to it, and you allow this app to send sms messages from your phone. This is your desired operation if you want to use your android phone as an SMS gateway (Figure 9).(You an set the SMS functionality back by uninstalling the Ozeki SMS Client from your phone, or by following the instructions in the how to configure the default sms handler in your android device guide).

set ozeki client
Figure 9 - Set Ozeki Client

Grant permissions

After you set the Ozeki SMS Client as your default SMS handler, you may click on the Start button to start the Gateway service. On the first attempt, the app will request various permissions to operate properly. First it will require permission for external storage (Figure 10). External storage is used for storing log files and configuration information. External storage is used in order to make it possible for you do download log files and backup configuration. This is required by most business customers.

access external sorage
Figure 10 - Access external sorage

To save the logs file access permission is also mandatory (Figure 11).

allow all flile access
Figure 11 - Allow all file access

Android phones usually operate from a battery. Battery optimization allows android to disable apps to save battery power. In order to provide a reliable SMS gateway functionality your phone should always be connected to the charger. You should also disable battery optimization on the phone for the Ozeki SMS Client app (Figue 12). This will allow the Ozeki app to operate continuously without interruptions.

ignore battery optimizatioon
Figure 12 - Ignore battery optimization

From the battery optimization menu, select no restrictions (Figure 13). This will allow your SMS service to operate reliably.

set no restiction
Figure 13 - Set no restriction

Success! Your Ozeki SMS Client is started.

If you have completed all the steps above, your Ozeki SMS Client on your Android device is started (Figure 14). This means that your pone is now setup as an SMS gateway. It is ready to forward SMS messages coming from your PC to the mobile network. It is also ready to forward incoming SMS from the mobile network to your PC.

ozeki sms client started
Figure 14 - Ozeki SMS Client started

How to connect Android SMS Gateway to Bulk Messenger (Video)

In the following video, you can learn how to install Bulk messenger. You will learn how to connect Android SMS Gateway to Bulk messenger. At the end of the video, you will be shown how to create new messages and how to send them to recipients (Video 2).

Video 2 - Connecting Android SMS Gateway to Bulk Messenger

How to connect Android SMS Gateway to Bulk Messenger (Quick Steps)

  1. Browse the website
  2. Unzip the file and run the installer
  3. Click on 'Next' to continue
  4. Accept license agreement
  5. Installation finished, click on the 'Finish' sign
  6. Open Bulk Messenger app and click on 'Get started'.
  7. Create address book
  8. Click on 'Create new address book' and choose the type 'standard'
  9. Define address book name
  10. Add contact to address book and provide personal information about the contact
  11. Create new text message
  12. Define text message and press 'OK'
  13. Create new sms connection
  14. Select the Android SMS sending method
  15. Configure connection details (host, port, username, password)
  16. Switch the 'Status' button on to establish the connection
  17. Create delivery job and provide job details
  18. Start message send
  19. Messages sent successfull

How to connect Android SMS Gateway to Bulk Messenger (Screenshots)

The very first step you need to take is to browse Once you are on the website you need to download the latest version of the Ozeki Bulk Messenger by clicking on the link (Figure 15). Always make sure to download the updated version of the software.

download bulk messenger
Figure 15 - Download Bulk Messenger

After the download you need to unzip the file and run the installer in the zip package (Figure 16).

start bulk messenger installer
Figure 16 - Start Bulk Messenger installer

If you run the file a 'Welcome to Ozeki Bulk Messenger setup' window will pop up on your screen (Figure 17). To continue the process click on 'Next' and move on to the next step.

welcome in bulk messenger setup
Figure 17 - Welcome in Bulk Messenger setup

You need to accept license agreement to install Ozeki Bulk Messenger (Figure 18). Click on the 'I agree' button and move along with the process.

accept license agreement
Figure 18 - Accept license agreement

If you have previously accecpted the license aggreement your installation is finished. Click on 'Finish' and start using Ozeki Bulk Messenger (Figure 19).

installation finished
Figure 19 - Installation finished

Open Bulk Messenger application. Click on 'Get started' (Figure 20).

open bulk messenger app
Figure 20 - Open Bulk Messenger app

The next is creating a new address book (Figure 21).

create address book
Figure 21 - Create address book

Click on 'Create a new Address book' and then choose the type 'Standard' to create a new standard Address book (Figure 22).

create new standard address book
Figure 22 - Create new standard address book

In this step you need to provide details about your newly created standard address book. You will be asked to give a name to your address book. Once you are ready click on 'Ok' to confirm this step (Figure 23).

define address book name
Figure 23 - Define address book name

Creating a new contact is one of the most important steps in this guide. Do this by clicking on 'Create new Contact' (Figure 24). You will be required to fill out a form on contact information detail. You will have to provide a name, a valid phone number and E-mail address. If you would like to add more contacts you have to repeat this step using the correct contact details.

add contact to address book
Figure 24 - Add contact to address book

The next step is creating a new sms text message. Do this by clicking on the 'Create new connection' and then select the type 'text' in the connection details window (Figure 25).

create new text message
Figure 25 - Create new text message

After clicking on the type 'text' you will be given the option to write and define your first text using Ozeki SMS Messenger (Figure 26).

define text message
Figure 26 - Define text message

Creating a new SMS connection is the next important step (Figure 27). This step is quite similar to the previous. The only difference is that instead of the type 'Text' you need to choose the type 'SMS'.

create new sms connection
Figure 27 - Create new sms connection

After choosing the right type you need to select the SMS sending method you would prefer. In this case select the 'Android client' method (Figure 28).

select android client
Figure 28 - Select android client

Once you are done with the previous step you can move along to this one. You will be asked to enter the hostname or IP address and the port of your Android phone (Figure 29). Furthermore you will have to enter your username and password. You can find information about these connection details in the Ozeki SMS Client application on your Android mobile device. Press the 'OK' button when you are ready.

configure connection details
Figure 29 - Configure connection details

After you have set up everything according to this guide, the newly created connection will appear among your 'Connections'. Switch the 'Status' on to establish the connection (Figure 30). It will turn green once you have done it.

connection established
Figure 30 - Connection established

In order to continue the process you need to create a delivery job (Figure 31). Click on 'Send' within the Quick start menu and click on the 'Create new message delivery job' sign. To successfully create a delivery job you will be asked to select an address book, a content and a connection. Also, do not forgot to give your delivery joba a name. Click on the 'OK' button once you are ready.

create delivery job
Figure 31 - Create delivery job

The freshly created delivery job will now appear among you 'Jobs' and you can finally start sending a message. Click on the 'Start' button in the green square, shown by the red arrow (Figure 32). A window will pop on your screen stating that the 'Message Delivery Started'.

start message send
Figure 32 - Start message send

You can see a percentage next to 'Stop' sign shown in the picture. If it shows a 100% that means your message has been successfully sent to the recipients (Figure 33).

messages sent successfully
Figure 33 - Messages sent successfully


Bulk Messenger is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that allows you to send bulk SMS messages with an Android phone. It integrates smoothly with Android devices, ensuring effortless message delivery and high delivery rates. Its user-friendly interface streamlines message creation and sending, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. The installation involves downloading the Ozeki SMS Client APK file from the Android SMS Gateway website and installing it on your Android phone. The connection setup is straightforward through the Bulk Messenger software, allowing users to create address books, establish SMS connections with Android clients, and initiate delivery jobs smoothly.

The Ozeki Bulk Messenger proves to be an invaluable tool for appointment reminders, and event announcements. It effectively reaches target audiences and achieves marketing goals.

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