Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start Guide provides you instructions on how to setup your Ozeki Bulk Messenger software quickly to test all of its main functionality: bulk SMS, bulk e-mail, automated voice calls.

The basics are rather easy. You just need to add an address book which contains the destination addresses. Then add a message you would like to send to these addresses through a connection channel. For defining this channel you also need to add a connection. The connection is basically the direction where the SMS messages, e-mails or phone calls leave Ozeki Bulk Messenger and are sent out to the outside world. At the end you will be able to start your first Ozeki Bulk Messenger job if you combine the 3 basic elements: address book, content and connection.

We are going to talk about the basic steps if you follow this Quick Start Guide. In case you specifically know what you are looking for you can check our specific guides: bulk SMS, bulk e-mail, automated voice calls.

Ozeki 10 can be obtained by
opening the download page:
Download Ozeki Bulk Messenger!

Open Bulk Messenger

Click on the 'Start' button and then open Programs -> Messaging -> SMS Bulk Messenger (Figure 1)

opening sms bulk messenger
Figure 1 - Opening SMS Bulk Messenger

Step 1 - Add an address book

Click on the 'Quick Start' tab and choose 'Step 1 - Make an address book' (Figure 2)

Figure 2 - Selecting

Then click on 'Create new Address book' so you can write a standard address book in Ozeki Bulk Messenger or import an address book from external sources like an Excel spreadsheet (.XLSX, .CSV) or txt file. You can also work with an online database (SQL or LDAP). Figure 3 shows you the available address book types.

selecting the address book type
Figure 3 - Selecting the address book type

Step 2 - Write a message or create an audio content

Click on the 'Quick Start' tab and choose 'Step 2 - Compose a message' (Figure 4)

select messages
Figure 4 - Selecting Step 2 - Compose a message

Then click on 'Create new Audio, SMS or E-mail message' and pick a message type. As you can see in Figure 5 this content may be an E-mail, SMS or audio file.

selecting the message type
Figure 5 - Selecting the message type

Step 3 - Setup a connection

Click on the 'Quick Start' tab and choose 'Step 3 - Setup a connection' (Figure 6)

select connections
Figure 6 - Selecting Step 3 - Setup a connection

Then click on 'Create new Connection' and decide which type of connection you would like to create. Telephone, E-mail, SMS or HTTP Server. (Figure 7)

create new connection
Figure 7 - Select the type of connection you would like to create

Just keep in mind that for sending SMS or voice messages you need to have a physical connection to an SMS Modem or a VoIP GSM Gateway. For e-mail connection an internet access should be enough.

Step 4 - Send a message

Finally select 'Step 4 - Send a message' in order to create a message delivery job. (Figure 8)

select send
Figure 8 - Select Step 4 - Send a message

Jobs are used for sending out bulk content to addresses in an address book through a connection channel you have previously defined. After you have successfully completed the first 3 steps then adding a job should be easy. You just have to combine an address book, a content and a connection and finally run the job by clicking the green 'Start' button. (Figures 9 and 10)

messages delivery job
Figure 9 - Creating a job by combining an address book, a content and a connection

start bulk message sending
Figure 10 - To run a job just simply click Start