How to import contacts from a XLSX list to Ozeki Bulk Messenger software

Ozeki Bulk Messenger offers the possibility of importing Excel contact lists so you will not waste time by adding them individually. In this tutorial we will demonstrate you how to create an Excel document and open the XLSX file in Ozeki Bulk Messenger.

Step 1 - Create an Excel document

As a first step please open a new workbook in Microsoft Excel and write 'Name', 'Phone' and Email in the first row, as shown in Figure 1. Then you can start adding names, numbers and E-mail addresses from the second row and downwards.

creating an excel document
Figure 1 - Creating an Excel document

Step 2 - Save the Excel document

Select the 'Excel Workbook' when saving your document using the 'Save as type' option.

select format type
Figure 2 - Select format type

!Before clicking 'Save' make sure you have selected the 'Excel Workbook' document type.

save the excel document
Figure 3 - Save the Excel document

Now let us return to the Ozeki Bulk Messenger software.

Step 3 - Create new XLSX address book

Select the 'Make an address book' option on the 'Quick Start' tab.

selecting make an address book
Figure 4 - Selecting Make an address book

Now click on the blue 'Create new Address book' button and select the 'Import' address book.

import address book
Figure 5 - Import address book

Then please open the 'XLSX' one. The File upload window will show up.

creating an xlsx address book
Figure 6 - Creating an XLSX address book

Step 4 - Upload an XLSX file

By clicking on 'Choose file' you can select your Excel file. After having your file selected click on the 'Upload' button and finally press 'Ok'.

creating a new address book
Figure 7 - Creating a new address book

Your contacts have been imported and ready to use.

Step 5 - Manage your contacts

Click on the 'Contacts' button to manage your contacts.

open contacts
Figure 8 - Open Contacts

Here you can manage your imported contacts. You can modify the existing contacts by clicking on their 'Details' button.

managing contacts
Figure 9 - Managing contacts

It is possible to add further information to your contacts like Skype, Facebook, Twitter etc. On the next page click on 'Add contact information'. In the 'Contact detail details' window you can choose the type of information you would like to add to the contact.

adding contact information
Figure 10 - Adding contact information

In case you would like to add new contacts manually click on the 'Create new Contact' button.

Here you can provide additional information about the given contact on the 'General' tab:

  • 'Name:' Here goes the name of your contact.
  • 'Phone:' Enter the phone number here.
  • 'Email:' Provide the E-mail address.

creating new contact
Figure 11 - Creating new Contact

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